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About the Legend - Lt. Cdr Praveen

‘Out-of-The-World Illustrator’ : Mind Reader. Memory Master. Mentalist.

Lt. Cdr Praveen is a captivating entertainer who transcends who architects unforgettable experiences, artfully blending the captivating worlds of mentalism, magic, and memory enhancement. Witness the awe-inspiring “The Sixth Sense,” his renowned mind-reading act that leaves the world speechless. With over 25 years of experience, Praveen brings masterful magic to any occasion, from grand illusions to intimate gatherings, guaranteeing laughter and amazement. He never stops there!

As a decorated former Indian Navy Lieutenant Commander and an aeronautical engineer by profession, Praveen brings a unique blend of intelligence and sophistication to his craft. His achievements, including the prestigious Merlin Award and membership in the International Magicians Society’s Hall of Fame, speak volumes about his dedication. Praveen isn’t just about captivating audiences, he’s about leaving a lasting impression, making him the perfect choice to elevate any event with a touch of magic, mystery, and mental mastery.

Praveen’s influence extends far beyond entertainment. His “Total Recall” program empowers individuals to unlock their memory potential, demonstrating his dedication to human potential. He’s not just a mind reader and magician; his repertoire showcases this in captivating ways. The mind-bending “Chess Knight’s Tour” product launch and his intimate close-up magic experiences, where guests witness incredible feats right before their eyes, are testaments to his creativity. These offerings create a truly personalized and unforgettable atmosphere, a hallmark of Praveen’s ever-evolving artistry.

Outstanding Specializations

Beyond the blueprints and the high seas lies Lt. Cdr Praveen’s true passion: the captivating world of entertainment.

An aeronautical engineer by trade and a former Naval officer, Praveen’s mind is as sharp as his wit. He has enthralled audiences worldwide with his mind-reading act, “The Sixth Sense,” leaving them both intellectually stimulated and thoroughly entertained. Praveen specializes in transforming corporate events with his unique blend of interactive mentalism, humor, and unbelievable feats. From business launches to trade shows, his shows are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Prepare to be amazed – you have to see it to believe it!

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What Our Clients Says

I was particularly impressed by Lt. Cdr Praveen’s ‘Sixth Sense’ show. It was a fascinating exploration of the human mind and its potential. It sparked some great discussions among my students afterward, making it a truly enriching experience. 

Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Professor of Psychology.

Praveen’s close-up magic at our client appreciation dinner was a huge hit. He’s incredibly skilled and engaging, leaving everyone speechless with his sleight of hand. It was the perfect way to break the ice and create a memorable evening for our guests.     

David Lee


Lt. Cdr Praveen’s mind-reading act at our company launch was phenomenal! It had everyone buzzing and created a real sense of excitement. We also had a group take his memory workshop, and they’re already seeing a difference in their ability to recall information. A fantastic addition to our event!      

Sarah Jones

Marketing Manager

Lt. Cdr Praveen’s interactive mentalism act at our annual sales conference was a game-changer. It not only provided a fantastic break in the day but also subtly reinforced key messaging in a way that resonated with the team. Plus, everyone had a blast trying to guess his predictions! Praveen’s unique approach to corporate entertainment is highly effective and truly memorable.    

Michael Chen

Director of Sales