Merlin Award

One man’s journey into the depths of your minds....

Praveen is the winner of the prestigious Merlin Award for the Best Corporate Mentalist and Magician for the year 2012.

Praveen has been included into the 2012 Hall of Fame in the International Magicians Society. Please check the Official Year Book on its website.

Best Corporate Mentalist and Magician of the Year

Praveen was awarded the Merlin Award 2012 for the Best Corporate Mentalist and Magician of the Year. The founder and CEO of the International Magician's Society, Tony Hassini, who flew down all the way from New York, presented the coveted Merlin Award.

The Merlin Award is the most prestigious award given in the world of magic. It is to magic what the Oscar is to films, what the Grammy is to music & what the Emmy is to theatre. The International Magician's Society presents the Merlin award to entertainers who've achieved the highest level of performance in their craft. David Copperfield, Sigfried & Roy & Criss Angel are just a few recipients of this award.

Praveen is a performer who for his exceptional skill, talent, originality & showmanship is the proud recipient of this award. He served in the Indian Navy for 13 years before resigning in the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is an aeronautical engineer by profession and in Dubai he teaches aviation subjects to the pilots and engineers of the UAE air force.

He was initiated into magic 32 years ago. Soon after, he became widely known as a magician's magician amongst fellow magicians. In the last 8 years, his fascination with the intricacies of the human mind led him to explore its immense potential, power and limitations. This is how his highly acclaimed mind-reading act called the 'Sixth Sense' was born. The Sixth Sense is a powerful demonstration of what your mind is capable of achieving if you tap into its tremendous resources.

In November 2001, he created history in India when he successfully predicted the headlines of three leading newspapers, three days in advance. The event was broadcast on all the television channels & was reported by all the leading newspapers.

With his mentalism abilities, he can unlock your mind, penetrate your thoughts & divulge information kept securely in your mind. He can bend and break spoons, make objects move & shatter wine glasses during his powerful demonstration of Telekinesis.

The Sixth Sense also includes a demonstration of heightened memory, For instance, he can memorize a list of 50 random objects called out by the audience. Or he can memorize a deck of playing cards shuffled by the audience, in less than 30 seconds. The world record for the above feat is about one minute!

With the Sixth Sense act and the Total Recall program, he has taken the corporate world by storm.