Praveen created quite a stir in India when he accurately predicted the landslide that wiped out 38 members of a family in Amboori, a remote village in the capital city Trivandrum.

On 08 Nov 2001, he handed over a sealed envelope to five prominent personalities in the presence of a milling throb.

The sealed envelope contained the predictions of the headlines of three prominent newspapers that were to be published 3 days later, on 11 Nov 2001.

The prominent personalities who put their signatures on various places on the envelope consisted of the Mayor of Kochi, an Ex Cabinet Minister, Port Trust Chairman, Chief Editor of a leading daily and a representative chosen from the audience.

The signatures were put connecting the body of the envelope and the flap. Transparent cello tape was taped over the signatures to ensure that the envelope is not tampered in anyway before the day of the opening.

The envelope containing the predictions was kept in public view for the three days.

On 11 Nov 2001, in the midst of a large gathering, television crews and press reporters, the five committee members confirmed that the envelope containing their signatures have not been tampered in any way. The Mayor, then cut opened the envelope and removed the prediction.

The prediction clearly matched the headlines of the three newspapers on that day...

“Amboori landslide, 38 people dead!”