Looking for Magic or a Magician in Dubai??

Praveen has been a professional magician for over 20 years. He has performed countless shows all over Dubai, Abudhabi and other Emirates of UAE.

Praveen does various types of magic including stage shows and close up magic.


This is similar to the Mentalism stage show except for the theme, which in this case is pure mind-boggling magic. Praveen would perform magic with coins, bank notes, ropes, sponge balls etc to take the audience into an astounding journey through the world of magic. His magic is very strong and pleasantly humorous.


Praveen also has an act designed for Close-Up (‘table’ and ‘walk-around’) work. If you are looking to organize a Business Lunch, Corporate Party, Trade Show or Product Launch -- Praveen’s is the Sleight-of-Hand Close up act you will want. And as usual Praveen is polite, charming and witty.


Praveen takes magic into the living room of your house. If you have special guests at home or on special occasions like Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday Parties etc, where the crowd is less (say, less than 15) and predominantly adults, it would be a fantastic idea to engage Praveen. He can entertain your special guests with intimate magic, the kind of magic they would never get the opportunity to see elsewhere. This magic is so intimate, interactive and personal that the guests would leave having witnessed extraordinary magic with a personal touch.


Specially designed to engage the children in the most funny and amazing manner. The tricks are carefully selected and the children are encouraged to participate individually and in group during each trick. They have a great time with the magician while you rejoice watching the tiny tots enjoy. Reward your children with an unforgettable experience by booking Praveen for their birthday celebration.