◊ What is ESP?

Extra-sensory perception or ESP is the apparent ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experience.

The term was coined by Duke University researcher J. B. Rhine to denote psychic abilities such as telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance.

◊ Why is the show called “The Sixth Sense”?

The traditional five senses that we have, as classified by Aristotle, are the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But we also have an extra sense that we call as gut instinct, hunch, intuition, premonition etc.

The Sixth Sense is actually the sum total of our basic five senses. If you hone your five senses to an extremely high degree, then your power of intuition or the sixth sense will be more acute than others.

My show is called “The Sixth Sense” because I purportedly read minds or know what they are thinking by looking for clues that I receive through my five senses. But I have sharpened or honed my basic senses to such a high level that I can feel or detect signs and information that a normal person would fail to sense.

So actually it is my Sixth Sense that aids me in performing my show.

◊ Do you really claim to have psychic powers?

Frankly, I would leave this to your judgment. When you see my show, you will be convinced that I do possess psychic abilities to some extent.

I do not claim to possess any supernatural powers. Yet I demonstrate all the psychic and paranormal phenomena that a real psychic claim to possess.

My intention is not to prove to the world that I am psychic. My sole aim is to entertain. I achieve the end results of my psychic demonstrations using applied psychology, keen observation of body language, subliminal suggestion and my acute sense of intuition or the sixth sense.

◊ Is The Sixth Sense a serious show?

The Sixth Sense is pure entertainment. Yes, it is a serious program, but at the same time it is a humorous, intelligent, motivating, interactive show with lots of audience participation.

Because the show deal with the minds of the audience, it is important that the audience focus all their attention on the stage. No other activities like serving snacks and drinks or people trickling in and out of the room will be encouraged.

◊ Is there any specific purpose for this show?

As mentioned earlier, the ultimate aim is pure entertainment. The audience is guaranteed an hour of sheer amazement, laughter and good time.

Yet during the performance, a subtle message is send to the audience. That they have a vast resource of power lying dormant in their minds and if they wake up to this fact and tap into it, they can achieve much more than what they already have.

◊ You call yourself a ‘Mentalist’ and The Sixth Sense a ‘Mentalism Show’. Can you define the terms ‘Mentalist’ and ‘Mentalism’?

Mentalism is a unique form of entertaining art where the performer creates the illusion of possessing psychic abilities such as telepathy, pre-cognition, clairvoyance, reading a person’s thought, predicting the outcome of upcoming events, telekinesis, metal bending, thoughtography, distant viewing etc.

The performer who performs the art of mentalism is known as a ‘mentalist’.


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