Praveen is definitely one of the very best of the very rare breed of professional mentalists in the world.

He is also an accomplished Magician and Memory Expert.

His transition from an Aeronautical Engineer and an Officer in the Indian Navy to a Corporate entertainer is as unbelievable as the plethora of amazing tricks and effects he has up his sleeve. But that is another story.

“I’m an engineer by profession and an entertainer by passion,” says Praveen enthusiastically. “Each one of us is in this world for a specific purpose. Many of us realize this purpose quite late in life. I realize that the reason why I’ve been put on this world is to entertain people. There is nothing more exhilarating than receiving a well deserved, spontaneous applause from the audience.”

Praveen created history in India when he successfully predicted the headlines of three leading newspapers, three days in advance. The event was broadcast on all the television channels and was reported by all the leading newspapers.

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Praveen has been a magician for over 20 years. Amongst his magician colleagues he is popularly known as the “magicians’ magician”. His magic show is unique in style, presentation and choice of tricks. The show is studded with humour and wonder.

Mentalism – The Sixth Sense

During his 5 years stay in the UK, he began to explore the powers of the human mind. He was fascinated with the fact the human mind is a vast resource of power and energy, which if properly tapped into can help you scale unfathomable heights. But he was more interested in the psychics who claimed to have supernatural powers to see the future and possess ESP powers. Spending time with these psychics helped Praveen to realize that all the paranormal and psi phenomena exhibited by the psychics can in fact be demonstrated by scientific means and by the aid of applied psychology, subliminal suggestion and body language.

That is how Praveen, the mentalist was born. He does not claim to possess supernatural powers, though when you see his show, you might be inclined to believe otherwise. The Sixth Sense mentalism show is actually a demonstration of various psi phenomena such as telepathy, mind reading, predictions, telekinesis etc with the help of audience participation.

Memory Training – Total Recall

Both his magic show and mentalism show include demonstration of heightened memory, For instance, he can memorize a list of 50 random objects called out by the audience. Or he can memorize a deck of playing cards shuffled by the audience, in less than 30 seconds. By the way, the world record for the above feat is about one minute.

It was then that he realized that the same techniques can be applied to remember things in our every day life. Thus he embarked upon another journey to research memory and to seek answers to the intriguing questions:

He has pieced together the results of his research to produce the most useful, effective and practical workshop on memory training titled Total Recall.

Well, do yourself a favour and attend Total Recall. It will give you that extra edge over your colleagues to climb up the corporate ladder.

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Presently, Praveen resides in Dubai, performing Mind Reading and Magic shows for corporate events. He is also available to perform for private functions and events.